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Experience the thrills and pitfalls of school-life in Witchbrook! Discover a spellbinding isometric world full of charm and intrigue in this richly detailed magical school and town life simulator.

Forge your own identity as a witch-in-training on the road to graduation. Build relationships with fellow students and townsfolk, develop your magical abilities by attending classes and completing assignments. Participate in extracurricular activities such as fishing, growing magical crops and foraging strange mushrooms. Master secret spells, make friends for life and unravel the mysteries of the school…

Who will be your best friend? Your rival? And your date for prom?


After the success of our first game Starbound, the Chucklefish team wanted to let their creativity flow, and began an internal pitching process where anybody could propose a new concept – one of which became our strategy game Wargroove, and another was Witchbrook! The concept of a magical school simulation game sparked the excitement of the whole development team, and Witchbrook soon became a core project.

About Chucklefish

Chucklefish is an independent game developer and publisher based in London, UK, with a love of charming pixel art and a drive to support and create amazing games. Since 2011, Chucklefish has developed its own games (Starbound and Wargroove) and supported indie developers to realize their own visions. They’ve published titles such as Risk of Rain, Stardew Valley, Timespinner, Pathway, Eastward, INMOST and Starmancer. With their third in-house game – Witchbrook – in the works as well as many exciting projects from their publishing partners, Chucklefish have never been more proud to remain independent.


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